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Mercedes chooses La Maddalena and Caprera Islands for the spot of its new jewel Mercedes E-Class Cabrio

  • Mercedes E-Class Cabrio

To realize  video  commercial and  photos of the new Mercedes E-Class Cabrio cabrio brochure, Mercedes chose La Maddalena and Caprera Island , Sardinia. The video, posted on the official Facebook page of the German brand,  was seen over  1,3 ml times.

In the pictures you can see the bridge of Caprera, Cardellino beach, an overview of the fortress of the ridges and the Carlotto beach, with a magnificent final view on the island of Spargi. Even if  in the spot  it  is not  indicated the place where it is filmed, however  the granites of the Archipelago are unmistakable and the images returning  to La Maddalena  Archipelago is no doubt.

Mercedes E-Class Cabrio

Mercedes E-Class Cabrio







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