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Sardinia wins the ‘Best Beaches Destination Europe’, award at MITT for his beautiful beaches.

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The island took part at  the MITT, the most important tourism fair in  Eastern  Europe, with the stand “Sardinia  Endless Island”  hosting  twenty Sardinian operators  and  confirming  the natural excellence of Sardinia coastal landscape.

The recognition came during the 24th edition of  Moscow International Travel and Tourism Exhibition (Mitt), the most important tourism fair in Eastern Europe and one of the top five of the continent, ended on March 15 , which the Region participates with the traditional stand .

At the Expocenter Fairgrounds  were  hosted twenty Sardinian operators accredited, representing hotels, hotel chains and other categories of accommodation, travel agencies and service companies, tour operators, air carriers (Meridiana) and the first natural shopping center,  located  in Stintino (Sassari ).

“This award,” emphasizes the regional councilor of Tourism,  Barbara Argiolas, “confirms the natural excellence of Sardinian coastal landscapes, increasingly appreciated internationally and has become a popular holiday destination even in an emerging market as Russia. Our pristine environment, kept intact thanks to the commitment of the Region and of local governments in recent years, the beautiful beaches and crystal clear  water are the hallmark and strength of our tourism product: environmental preservation and enhancement of tourism sustainable is inspired by  a new model  in regional development. “
At  MITT  were  participating 1,800 companies representing 190 destinations. According to an analysis of the Regional Tourism, the Russian demand for high quality is  for the 70 percent directed to hotels with 4 and 5 stars  and  to  private luxury   villas.

Traditionally the reference product   of this international  fair is the sea-bathing,  associated with the high-end sports  like golf, diving and sailing. From Russia in the  2017 are expected in Sardinia  more than 20.000  visitors,  with an average stay of 6 days and a half,   generating  nearly 130.000  presences in the island’s accommodation,  making  the Russian market  just inside the top ten among international  incoming and travellers.

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