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Searching for Atlantis in the sites of the Nuraghi civilization, Sardinia.

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Atlantis Rising” is the documentary produced by Oscar winner James Cameron  for National Geographic: a  Journey  into the Mediterranean sea,  in search of  the  lost Civilisation of  Atlantis, with  Simcha Jacobovici, three  times  Emy prize winner as  Director,   who filmed in Sardinia with his crew in search of the Lost Continent. With him a group of archaeologists, scientists and historians who have set themselves the goal to find traces of the town mentioned by the “Timaeus and Critias,” the source of the Atlantis story, written in the fourth century BC by the greek philosopher Plato.

An exploration that started from the greek islands, to  Malta, Crete and Sicily, then arrived in Gibraltar and Andalucia, where they were filmed spectacular underwater shots.  Final stage  in  Sardinia  where, after the intuition of Sergio Frau  about  the reposition  of the Pillars of Hercules in the Strait of Sicily,  has become the most plausible hypothesis for those looking for historical evidence underlying the millennial myth that struck the imagination and the curiosity of the people of all times. The Nuragic Civilization, imposing and for many still mysterious aspects, has captivated the crew of Cameron and Jacobovici.  Many  Nuragic  different sites have been explored by the crew with the  epicenter of filming at the giant  Nuraghe of Losa. The wait is now for the conclusions to which the research team arrived. “This is the most sophisticated and extensive research ever done,” said the team leader, the archaeologist Richard Freund,  professor at the University of Hartford. The team used cutting-edge technologies and re-read the ancient writings of Plato to draw a map that James Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici have followed. “We decided to investigate the most interesting theories highlighting the historical evidence that can confirm the myth of Atlantis,” said James Cameron on the occasion of the presentation of the  preview  in Italy,  next March.

Source : La  Nuova Sardegna

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