Horse Riding in Sardinia

Horse Riding in Sardinia

GlamourTravels - Sport and Leisure - Horses Riding in Sardinia

GlamourTravels - Sport and Leisure - Horses Riding in SardiniaLand of horses and horsemen, whose exploits date to Eleonora D’Arborea Court,Sardinia received in modern times an heritage which involves different generations.
The equestrian traditions and the passion of Sardinian people for horses are very strong even today.
Horses are for them fellow workers, and proud in competitions, runs, acrobatics, religious fests, tournaments.
Furthermore, in the Island still survive the pasture and even some wild horses herds in some area, such as the Giara upland and Aritzo woods.
Choosing a horse riding holiday in Sardinia is a special adventure, characterised by a mysterious charm. Are you in North-Sardinia? Are you a trained and experienced rider? In Valledoria you find the paths fit for you.
But if you just like to enjoy yourself with a relaxing and quiet horse riding, you can find beautiful paths that include the inward territory of North-east Sardinia, eye-catching Gallurese coast and breathtaking landscapes of Northern Gallura. Novice riders can book all-level riding lessons under experienced riding masters.
In Gallura, if you prefer to ride sporty and practise yourself in obstacle races, you?ve find the right place.

But if you love excursions, you can always take a ride also near to Alghero and near to Stintino.
If you are in Ogliastra and Barbagia (West Sardinia), you can ride in amazing paths, crossing canyons and unforgettable landscapes.
If you want to practise your ability in equitation and you are near to Oristano, you can easily improve your technique. So? don?t you ride?


Centro Ippico Shergan

GlamourTravels - Sport and Leisure - Horses Riding in SardiniaIt was established in Summer 2002 by Paolo Giagoni, esteemed entrepreneur of Costa Smeralda, in collaboration with Dante Bussu, famous Italian rider and horse expert. It is near main resorts of Costa Smeralda, immersed in green, in a 13 ha. thriving park Mediterranean scrub). Reach easily from Olbia (20 km), Porto Cervo (16 km), San Pantaleo or Arzachena (5 km).

It aims high, to become central for obstacle races in Sardinia and Gallura horse riding. Main daily events of staff and 11 horses ands 4 ponies: Horse school Pony school Horse keeping Trekking Horse training Where in San Pantaleo: the position of the town is especially convenient, being, half way between Arzachena, the Costa Smeralda and Porto Rotondo. It is one of the most picturesque little towns in Sardinia: over the houses, arranged around the parochial church, loom the great granite monoliths of Punta S. Andrea, of the Pelchia Manna and Pelchia Minori points, of Punta Muvrone and Punta Balbacanu, creating a spectacular and very triking kind of scenery, they seem to almost want to hurtle down on top of the town.