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RESTAURANT PIZZERIA VECCHIA COSTA 1, Str. 59 Arzachena-Porto Cervo – 07021 Arzachena (OT) | IP 01636230904 | Tel. 0789 98688

Web Site Vecchia Costa


The Restaurant Pizzeria La Vecchia Costa welcomes guests in the road from Arzachena Porto Cervo, in the heart of the Costa Smeralda. Among comfortable furniture and an atmosphere where you can breathe the air of the best preserved traditional Sardinian and Gallura, you can discover every day tastes delicious. Delicate entrees, tasty pizzas and read and all the most popular dishes of seafood and local earth are accompanied by a rich selection of side dishes The seating between inside and outside are about 500. It is not uncommon to see, during the summer season, numerous VIP sitting at the tables. The atmosphere is friendly and you can choose to eat in the inner body as patios or outside, cool. When complete games for the kids and a large car park with many places covered.

RESTAURANT STELLA DI GALLURA Location ‘Monte Ladu, Porto Rotondo, Olbia Olbia-Tempio Phone: 0789 34402


Unexpected location, trained staff and friendly, meals from 5 stars xl, great prices. Certainly throughout the Emerald Coast, there are other restaurants with the same excellent quality / price ratio. Stra recommended for the most demanding, but also to the people of the place.

RESTAURANT LU STAZZU Location ‘Monte Ladu 53-07026 – Olbia (OT) – Fraz. Porto Rotondo Tel: 0789 34837 E-mail:

Lu Stazuu - Costa Smeralda

Restaurant Lu Stazzu is inspired by the tradition of families of Gallura 1800, guided by the hard work supported by sound values and principles, which is found, handed down from father to son, in every aspect of the business. Already the choice of local, in fact, you can breathe an atmosphere of times gone by: the restaurant is housed in a typical building of the nineteenth Gallura, overlooking the bay of Porto Rotondo and its marina, to satisfy both the taste that the sight. Among the delicious dishes that you can taste in our restaurant or sitting in the beautiful veranda you will find traditional dishes of Gallura joined Sardinian wines of great value, to savor the full flavor of this wonderful land. Within the beautiful surroundings of Restaurant Lu Stazzu, directly on the Gulf of Porto Rotondo, you can taste the best dishes of Sardinia, fascinated by the beautiful scenery offered by the veranda. The rich menu of the restaurant offers the best typical Sardinian cheese, pasta dishes dumplings, ravioli and callurgiones, joined by top main dishes prepared with meat from pork, lamb and goat spit, accompanied by the precious red wine Cannonau of Sardinia. And to round off your meal you can taste the sweetness of sebadas with honey and robustness of myrtle, Sardinian liqueur made from berries of the myrtle plant.

RESTAURANT POMODORO Via del Molo 69, 07026 Porto Rotondo, Province of Olbia-Tempio Phone: 0789 35308

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Pomodoro Foto

I returned al Pomodoro Porto Rotondo and I would not have written any review if I had not seen that for a certain juliettina. I think to be a great connoisseur of pizza: they are always looking for pizza and I must confirm that the pizza of tomato and ‘definitely among the best in the absolute sense, both for dough for quality’ of the ingredients especially the mozzarella. The price of some eight euro for a pizza, on the pier in Porto Rotodo not only seems adequate, but even lower! Needless to say, the atmosphere me spellbound. I often weekend in Porto Rotondo avendoci home, I turned all the rooms but I have not found other competitors for comparable quality ‘, price, atmosphere. But you have tasted fisherwoman at Catalan? Linguine with lobster? There is no comparison. This for the love of truth ‘.

RESTAURANT IL TARTARUGHINO Piazza Quadra, 07026 Porto Rotondo, Province of Olbia-Tempio Phone: 0789 385004

Web Site Il Tartarughino


In its modern structure in Piazza Quadra, Portorotondo, takes its name from one of the locals who have made the history of the Emerald Coast for more than thirty years thanks to its creator Giancarlo Cruciani. The new location, allows the management, while respecting the tradition of thirty years, to give a new twist to the habits costaiole, in a space that lives from dawn (coffee and pastry), lunch (restaurant, pizzeria, on board catering for the boats, with delivery to the berth), the aperitif, enriched by the proposals homemade prepared and served by the chefs, the tempo of the music dictated by the most important dee jays, the dinner (the kitchen is the most popular in Costa Smeralda ), after dinner (piano bar music and fashion) an alternation of musical styles and events that have made him a pole of attraction. Baptized by portorotondini as ideal meeting place before a night at the disco Tartarughino accompanies the activity of the country until five in the morning. The Tartarughino can count on a staff (50 operators) known for its friendliness and reliability, a structure with the means vanguard; faces, also on a square of about 350 square meters overlooking the point of greatest transition in Portorotondo.

RESTAURANT LOCANDA RUDALZA TERRABINU Location ‘ Su Terrabinu – Porto Rotondo – 07026 Olbia (OT) – 0789 309 063 348 9202568

Web Site Locanda Rudalza Terrabinu

Locanda Rudalza Terrabinu Foto

Locanda Rudalza offers its customers dishes of Sardinian cuisine with a menu consisting of recipes and genuine. The restaurant is nestled in the countryside that surrounds The restaurant is located in a rustic building with panoramic views of the beautiful scenery of the Gulf of Cugnana, offering the possibility of lovely boat trips. How to best Sardinian tradition, the course will be accompanied by our bread cooked on the grill (on coconut), with its unmistakable crispness. The menu fix € 35 and 18 for children. Some examples

• cold meats and cheeses • eggplant with grated ricotta and fresh tomato • patties vegetables; • ravioli with wild boar • tripe in tomato • beans with pork meat; • bat frisa • dumplings with sauce; • dumplings terrabinu • Gallura soup Perhaps, the most popular and famous local cuisine is the suckling pig cooked strictly on the spit, it is in fact one of the recipes and most appreciated, even off the island. • suckling pig on a spit; • crudite ‘vegetable. • seadas or cooked cream or sorbet After the meal you can enjoy great myrtle produced using traditional methods.

RESTAURANT PIZZERIA DANTE Location Sottovento- Porto Cervo – 07021 – Arzachena (OT) – Tel: 0789 92474 – 0789 92432 Cell: 347 0337432

Pizzeria Dante Foto

The Restaurant Pizzeria Dante was born around 1930 and is still run by the family De Vito who has handed down the tradition and experience for their children. The family of Antonio De Vito began his dining experience at a local Naples where were served pizza and homemade Neapolitan cuisine. After a long period in America, Antonio returns to his beloved Naples taking in managing the restaurant with his wife Dante in the historic center of Naples. Following the hard work paid off from the bustle of loyal customers, in 1985 Antonio transfers its wealth of experience in Sardinia, with the intention of working in a resort town and then to compete with a more diverse and international clientele. At that time, thanks to the help of his four children and his wife, Antonio was able to fast forward the two activities in Naples and the Costa Smeralda. Today the Ristorante Pizzeria Dante has one location in Sardinia but offers quality and tradition of Neapolitan cuisine.

The restaurant specialties are served on fresh fish, specialty of the Neapolitan tradition and also Sardinian cuisine, like pork and roast lamb. From Ristorante Pizzeria Dante can not miss the real Neapolitan pizza, dish of the restaurant and very much in demand from many customers The location that frames the pizzeria is located in the green oasis between sea and mountains, can give fantastic views of beautiful landscapes, such as the Costa Smeralda.

RESTAURANT LA CAPRICCIOSA DA MASSIMO Via Cagliari 5-07020 Golfo Aranci (OT) – 342 0400877

La Caprichosa Foto

In a strategic location, near the port of Golfo Aranci, the pizza restaurant La Capricciosa by Massimo awaits for the first meal or just landed for the last before leaving Sardinia and go home: Enjoy the fresh fish of the Gulf, the dishes typical Sardinian or the crispy pizzas and enjoy all the good of the island. The pizzas Naturally leavened dough, tasty tomatoes and quality ingredients are the secrets of pizzas prepared by a master of the Capricious Neapolitan pizza and cooked to perfection in a wood oven. Choose from the classic pizzas like the Margherita, the Naples, the Roman, the Capricious and Four Seasons, his trousers stuffed and specialty pizzas, even with fish and seafood, and savor the taste of a pizza prepared and cooked according to the best Neapolitan tradition. read more Impossible not to try the dishes based on fish: fresh pasta with squid ink sauce with swordfish, grilled fresh fish and fish in Golfo Aranci, fry, stews, mussels, clams … The restaurant also offers traditional dishes Sardinian cuisine, as malloreddus campidanese or roast pig.

RESTAURANT LA SPIGOLA Via Colombo 19 Golfo Aranci 07020 O.T. Italy 390-78946286

Spigola Foto

With ample parking, indoor and outdoor dining; on the beach. It is the restaurant more ‘near the sea, famous for its traditional Sardinian cuisine offering the taste of the island itself, with local fish. Seabass baked in salt crust, rosemary perfumed Gilt Head At Vernaccia (Local fish and white wine) Mussels sautéed with white wine, garlic and tomatoes Spaghetti with clams (garlic, olive oil and white wine) Rice with an array of fish from the Gulf Local Lobster prepared Spanish Colony style Fried Calamari Local Sardinian desserts, pastries and ice cream Sardinian after-dinner drink made from Myrtle berries.

RESTAURANT AGRITURISMO STAZZU BORRIOLU Località Cugnana, Strada statale Olbia Arzachena – Olbia-Tempio Phone: 0789 33131

Agriturismo Foto

This typical Stazzu – farmhouse is surrounded by unspoilt countryside with views of the Gulf of Cugnana. Mrs. Anna, with over 20 years of experience, offers a cuisine based on tradition and culture of Gallura: appetizers of earth, homemade pasta, soup Gallura, the famous “pulceddu” the crispy rind and finally a nice seadas accompanied by myrtle house.

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