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Glamourhouses Exclusive Retraits Network

Owners and investors can join Glamourhouses Exclusive Retraits network and use his property as an income producer. Renting out your property while you are away for long periods is an ideal way of ensuring it helps to pay for itself.

Glamourhouses is happy to arrange this for you and help ensure you get top rental rates. Typically, if your property is being rented out as holiday accommodation, you can expect to have tenants for around 20/30 weeks of the year . However, this tends to be higher on location like Costa del Sol, where there is a long summer season, or in a capital city which enjoys a year around rental.

While you are away, you may wish to leave your property in the care of people you can trust.

Glamourhouses is happy to provide regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly security, maintenance and cleaning visits in your absence. The majority of our rental properties are managed by our in-house maintenance team on behalf of the owner, so this means that you can rely on us to solve any maintenance or service issues that occur.

Ask Glamourhouses for an estimate to have your rental income from your home.

And if you are looking for a long term or vacation home to rent for a period, have confidence on Glamourhouses, just have a look on our database for rentals, and you will found a property that can meet your interest.

Our management can increase the standard occupancy rate and make profitable the property without any management problem.

Glamourhouses will guarantees the maintenance of the house giving to the owner even a period of personal use of the house and all services.This means stress-free maintenance and reduced ownership problem, higher ROI, increased usage, pleasure and comfort, and finally a revaluation of the property for the economic return and the increase on the status because owning a resort in the network is unusual and glamour.

If you are a real estate investor, you know that strategic goal is to make a profit from the fall in real estate prices as is the case on some holiday locations. In the meantime, while the market makes up some of the losses, put the property in our network allows you to earn an higher profit compared to other real estate investments.

If you own a property suitable to be converted in a Glamourhouses Exclusive Retraits forget about maintenance costs or rental advertisements, wasting time and money in a private rental management: join our network and everything will be taken care of by professionals who will only charge you if your earnings are higher than your previous rental activity. Your annual returns will increase as we follow a simple and clear business plan, a large scale rental program, a global and accurate communication and media planning for your property.

To have a free report with the estimated incomes on you property contact our rental  office now. info@glamourhouses.eu

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